Holiness & Sex?
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Do you have any friends who are unmarried and living together?  Do you think that's OK?  Is it OK to pursue a homosexual lifestyle if you believe that you're "gay"?  Can you do anything during those years of "raging hormones" except to make sure that your sexual activity is "safe"?  Hardly anyone today even asks these questions.  Nevertheless, we have many conversations about sex.  In our text, 1 Thessalonians 4.3-8, the Apostle Paul enters the conversation and what you find might surprise you.  It seems that if we have that conversation we cannot do so without using terms like "God's will," "sanctification," "purity," "swindling" and even "vengeance."  Interested?  Find out what it's all about as you listen to Pastor Tim explain what God says about "Holiness & Sex."

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