The Deep Affection Of The Gospel
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Have you felt the joy, even the pride, in your son when he wins his weight class at the wresting tournament?  What about the anxiousness you experienced the day your daughter took the exam that determined whether she would get the scholarship or not?  You remember the wave of delight that swept over you when you found out your married sister was pregnant but also the panic when you heard that your dad had been taken to the ER because of an apparent heart attack. What causes such deep emotional responses?  It's the deep affection that's grown up between all of you as a family.  In our text, the Apostle Paul describes true gospel affection that every congregation should possess and express.  Listen as Pastor Tim explains 1 Thessalonians 2.17 - 3.5 and helps us understand the kind of affection that will help us all to finish well.

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