The stock price of friendship has plummeted in our culture, both outside and inside the church.  The Bible has lots to say about friendship, all without "just" or "only" attached to it.  As we open God's Word together, we'll see how the Gospel provides unique opportunity for our relationships to perhaps be very different from what typically comes to our mind when we say we're "just friends."

Cheering Champions to the Finish is a study of the book of 1 Thessalonians, the Apostle Paul's letter to the church at Thessalonica.  Paul's letter of encouragement to these faithful saint also has a lot to say to us today.  

When Scripture talks about Jesus as the mediator between God and man it describes that role in terms of three "offices".  He has been appointed as prophet, priest, and king for the Church.  In this series, "The Offices of Christ", learn more about how Jesus fulfills those offices and why they are necessary for us.

Parenting in Perilous Times: How to Raise Children in a Culture Gone Wild.

Raising children these days is not easy.  The world is changing so rapidly that the ways of raising children we learned seem irrelevant.  Confusion abounds.   Many parents are paralyzed, not knowing what to do.  Yet we can find  answers that are relevant, clear and helpful. 

Understanding the Trinity is critical to understanding God and the gospel. In this mini-series, Pastor Tim Pasma explains the three persons of the trinity.

Advent Sermons for 2017

What do you think is supremely valuable?  What do you spend your energies pursuing?  What should you pursue with all your might?  Jesus gives you clear answers.  He doesn't leave you in the dark about those most important questions.  In this multi-part series, Pastor Tim helps us understand Loving God & Loving Your Neighbor.

What Would You Do?

If another believer came to you depressed, under a burden of guilt and shame, near a breakdown, struggling with panic attacks, overcome with grief, with marital strife, near suicide or any other difficulty, would you know what to do according to God's Word?

The Bible has answers for life!  Come learn what thousands of other believers have discovered:  the Word of God is superior to the world's philosophies and methods for addressing the overwhelming issues of life.

An Answer

LaRue Baptist Church is offering 30 hours of instruction in Biblical counseling including topics such of marriage, addiction, depression, anger and more!  Come learn how the Scripture addresses the deepest problems we face.


PART I - The Messiah I Never Knew: Old Testament Narratives Seeking to be Heard

While 1 Samuel describes David as "a man according to God's heart," both liberal and conservative interpreters have found cause to denigrate David's character, regarding him as a weak monarch at best, at worst a conniving tyrant who used propaganda to leave a false legacy. However, if we properly understand how 1-2 Samuel works, we will see that some of the very features that have been held up as evidence of David's weakness are those in which God's character shines forth most powerfully. This series demonstrates how the books of 1 and 2 Samuel function to present a model messiah, giving hope for the believer in every generation. It further demonstrates that Jesus is the Great Messiah precisely because he is like David.

Part II - Church Ministry After Obergefell

In June 2016 the United States Supreme Court in Obergefell et al, v. Hodges, Director, Ohio Department of Health et al legalized same-sex marriage in the United States.  Though it did not directly or immediately affect the Church the future implications of this decision could be profound and pervasive.  We will be looking at how this decision impacts the Church and how we should prepare.