A Watery Judgment
A Watery Judgment graphic

Rain failing and people pounding on the door of the ark, begging to get in; animals walking by pairs into the great ship; a grey-haired old man with a staff watching the parade; a ship tossing to and fro upon waves while it thunders & lightnings; all these may be images that pop into your mind when you hear the phrase “Noah’s Ark.” But we must go beyond our Sunday School memories and ask this vital question, “Why did God include this story in the Scriptures? What is the purpose of telling us about Noah & the ark? God is up to more than providing stories for the Sunday School curriculum. Moses penned this story to make a point – to carry on the story of what God was accomplishing in the world and to give us a picture of how he will ultimately accomplish those purposes. Listen in hear to what God is up to.

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