An Undeniable Duty
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"I just cannot forgive you!"  Have you ever uttered those words?  When you're devastated because a trusted friend betrays your confidence, but then comes to you in sorrow and repentance, how do you respond?  "I can never forgive you.  You hurt me too deeply." When your wife, in a fit of anger, says some cruel, unkind things, things you thought were buried in the past, but then asks for your forgiveness, what do you say?  "That was the most hurtful thing you've ever said to me.  I don't know whether I could ever forgive you for that."  Well, those responses are understandable, but are they acceptable?  Listen to the words of our master, Jesus, in Matthew 18.21-35, as he instructs us in the proper responses to the hurtful, horrid attacks we experience from others. 

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