Keep Going! God's Working
Kotinos (the Olympic wreath)

The Apostle Paul sits in Corinth, wondering where Timothy might be. He had sent him back to Thessalonica before he left Athens, to find out how they fared. At last Timothy arrives with good news. The Thessalonians stand faithful, they stand together, and they're wondering about Paul since he left so suddenly and they haven't heard from him. Over the next two days he thinks about his reply to them. He calls on his friend and colleague, Silas, to write down what he wants to tell them. Like them, we need encouragement to stand in this day. Hostility toward us and our faith grows in our society day by day. We may be a bit frightened by what we see, but we must stand. What must we be convinced of, what must we embrace, if we would remain strong? Find out as Pastor Tim takes us through 1 Thessalonians 1.2-5.

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