Reformation Sunday 2014

How do you light the fires of revolution?   What does it take?  Must you amass an army and some major firepower?   Does it take years of secret planning?   Do you need to educate the common people in your ideology?   God lit the fire of the Protestant Reformation through a simple pastor concerned for the souls in his congregation.  Through that pastor he launched a revolution that turned the world upside down.  Through that pastor he changed the course of history - the world would never be the same again.  But most importantly of all, through the concern of that pastor, the gospel of God’s grace was recovered from centuries of corruption.  That rediscovered gospel freed millions of people struggling under the burden of trying to earn the favor of God.  That pastor was Martin Luther and it was he whom God used to trumpet the grace of God - the free forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus.  Listen to this Reformation Day sermon and learn more of what the Bible means by "grace alone."

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