The Glory Of The Holy Spirit
Trinity graphic

You sit in the theater entranced by the actors as they inhabit each character & bring to life the story unfolding in front of you. As the curtain falls on the last act, you join the audience in wild applause and cheers. The cheers get louder as the cast comes out & takes their final bow. But there’s a group of people whose work you haven’t really noticed, who will receive no applause, nor appear on the stage to receive credit for all their hard work. There’s no applause for the ones who raised that curtain at the right times; no recognition for the hard work of moving the sets silently into place for each scene; no “hurrahs” for the lighting wizard who set the moods with his work illuminating the stage. Although the stage crew performs an indispensable task it stays behind the scenes, putting all the focus on the play & its actors. Such is the work of the God, the Holy Spirit. Join us again as we continue our study of the Trinity in "The Glory of the Holy Spirit."

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