A Blessing And A Curse
A Blessing and a Curse graphic

You may have been tempted go somewhere new to escape the troubles you've encountered. However, the old and the new situation would have had one thing in common - you. Have you ever experience that? You've gone to a new place but things did not change because the same person, with all his faults, all his weaknesses, and all his sins, went to this place where everything is new. The change of surroundings made no significant differences because no significant changes had been made in you. That's what you'll find as you read the text from Genesis 9, the last chapter from the story of Noah and his family. But, as in Eden, you'll find hope because God, through Noah, promises again deliverance, rescue, and relief. Listen in as we hear God at work, in the midst of sin, to accomplish his redemptive purposes of bringing the seed of the woman so that the curse of sin may be conquered.

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