In this Sunday morning series, Pastor Tim Pasma takes us through the book of Revelation.

Sermon title Service Date mp3
A Tale Of Two Cities April 15, 2012 Audio icon A_Tale_Of_Two_Cities_0.mp3
An Unhappy Ending For Beauty And The Beast April 29, 2012 Audio icon An_Unhappy_Ending_For_Beauty_And_The_Beast_0.mp3
Death At The Hands Of Her Lovers May 20, 2012 Audio icon Death_At_The_Hands_Of_Her_Lovers_0.mp3
Get Out Of The City! June 3, 2012 Audio icon Get_Out_Of_The_City_0.mp3
Front Row Seats At A Funeral June 10, 2012 Audio icon Front_Row_Seats_At_A_Funeral_0.mp3
The Party After The Funeral June 17, 2012 Audio icon The_Party_After_The_Funeral_0.mp3
Celebrate Good Times, C'mon! July 15, 2012 Audio icon Celebrate_Good_Times_0.mp3
Living In The Light Of Vengeance July 22, 2012 Audio icon Living_In_The_light_Of_Vengeance_0.mp3
The Last Battle July 29, 2012 Audio icon The_Last_Battle_0.mp3
The Millennium Is Not A Spaceship October 21, 2012 Audio icon The_Millennium_Is_Not_A_Space_Ship_0.mp3
Millennial Hope For Today November 4, 2012 Audio icon Millennial_Hope_For_Today_0.mp3
Before The Throne November 25, 2012 Audio icon Before_The_Throne_0.mp3
Final Judgement, Revisited December 2, 2012 Audio icon Final_Judgement_Revisited_0.mp3
At Last! January 6, 2013 Audio icon At_Last_0.mp3
Here Comes The Bride! January 13, 2013 Audio icon Here_Comes_The_Bride_0.mp3
Dazzled! January 20, 2013 Audio icon Dazzled_0.mp3
A Walk In The Light February 3, 2013 Audio icon A_Walk_In_The_Light_0.mp3
Paradise! March 17, 2013 Audio icon Paradise_0.mp3
Keep Those Words! April 21, 2013 Audio icon Keep_Those_Words_0.mp3
This Word & This Worship May 12, 2013 Audio icon This_Word_This_Worship_0.mp3
Repayment May 19, 2013 Audio icon Repayment_0.mp3
Come & Drink June 2, 2013 Audio icon Come_and_Drink_0.mp3
Don't Add Or Subtract June 9, 2013 Audio icon Dont_Add_Or_Subtract_0.mp3
See Clearly! June 16, 2013 Audio icon See_Clearly_0.mp3