The promise of Christ to build his church remains unshaken from the 1st century Antioch to 21st century America. But is the culture making pagans or the church
making disciples? Is the church in crisis or in Christ? What in the world do we do?


Christ is, where He has always been, the Lord over all creation and the God of all comfort, who providentially protects and guides us in all times of crises.


From Philippians 4.  Guest speaker Dr. Lance Quinn.


Faithful Christians confess glorious things about the Bible: that it is inspired, inerrant, and authoritative. It is sometimes easy to forget that such a profound book is also practically relevant for the gritty details of human life. In this four part series, Dr. Heath Lambert will share how the profound truths of God’s Word in the Bible explode with relevance for the practical details of life.


The final words of Jesus before ascending to heaven was to instruct believers to "go and make disciples", baptizing them and teaching them all that Jesus commanded.  Scripture gives us much needed guidance as to the role of the church in fulfilling the commission from the Lord.  Who sends?  Who goes?  We have not been left to guess at the answers to those questions.  The local church has everything it needs to step up and be the sending church God has already decided it should be.  That's exciting!


Guest speaker: Pastor Paul Craig


The Ministry of Prayer

Conference session audio


The stock price of friendship has plummeted in our culture, both outside and inside the church.  The Bible has lots to say about friendship, all without "just" or "only" attached to it.  As we open God's Word together, we'll see how the Gospel provides unique opportunity for our relationships to perhaps be very different from what typically comes to our mind when we say we're "just friends."

Guest speaker: Pastor Peter LaRuffa


PART I - The Messiah I Never Knew: Old Testament Narratives Seeking to be Heard

While 1 Samuel describes David as "a man according to God's heart," both liberal and conservative interpreters have found cause to denigrate David's character, regarding him as a weak monarch at best, at worst a conniving tyrant who used propaganda to leave a false legacy. However, if we properly understand how 1-2 Samuel works, we will see that some of the very features that have been held up as evidence of David's weakness are those in which God's character shines forth most powerfully. This series demonstrates how the books of 1 and 2 Samuel function to present a model messiah, giving hope for the believer in every generation. It further demonstrates that Jesus is the Great Messiah precisely because he is like David.

Part II - Church Ministry After Obergefell

In June 2016 the United States Supreme Court in Obergefell et al, v. Hodges, Director, Ohio Department of Health et al legalized same-sex marriage in the United States.  Though it did not directly or immediately affect the Church the future implications of this decision could be profound and pervasive.  We will be looking at how this decision impacts the Church and how we should prepare.



The greatest joys you will have in life will probably involve your children and/or grandchildren.  The greatest heartaches you will have in your life will probably involve your children and/or grandchildren.  Wise is the person who pays attention to parent-child relationships!  Even wiser is the person who seeks wisdom from God.

Guest speakers: Randy and Cindy Patten


Making Decisions as a Christian is a challenging endeavor to say the least. So many options at times and one wonders what God’s will is and how can I know for sure. This conference will attempt to help the believer to grow his faith in this area of the Christian Life.

Guest speaker: Dr. Stuart Scott


Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger..." James 1.19

The way we communicate exposes who we are and where we are in life. It has tremendous impact on our lives and on those with and about whom we are communicating. In this series of studies our goal will be to understand what God wants, where we fail and how we can communicate in a God-honoring way.

Guest speaker: Dr. Nicolas Ellen


Who is Jesus? That is the question. A writer by the name of John answers that question in his Gospel. John clearly believes Jesus is God in the Flesh. Then, for 20 chapters, John unpacks the evidence for his conclusion. As he does, he marvelously allows you and I, as the readers, to enter into all kinds of encounters with Jesus as well as witness a variety of responses people had to Jesus. John concludes with the Big Question.... What do you think about Jesus? Who do you say He is?

Guest speaker: Pastor Paul Phillips


19th Annual Bible Conference

While we may think that our modern day battle against falsehood and deception is new, it isn’t. Ever since Eden, deception and truth twisting are part and parcel of our human existence and it is our charge to be on guard against it. We must first understand where the truth lies and then stand up for its content. The faces and names may change over history, but there is truly nothing new under the sun.
Our speaker, Eddie Exposito, pastor of Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Slidell, Louisiana, founded Homeland Missions in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Over the years Homeland Missions has ministered to the needs of the disadvantaged and impoverished in the greater New Orleans area as well as training churches from across the United States in mercy ministries.

  • Sunday AM – Standing Firm - Matthew 22:31
    Understanding our foundation – the biblical necessity of Sola Scriptura   
    Sunday PM – We Must Listen – 2 Thessalonians 2.15
    Reflecting upon the historical church record of endurance and perseverance in the truth
  • Monday – He Just Mite Get Angry
    A look at Christ’s response to false teachers   
  • Tuesday – Bewitched!
    The apostolic response
  • Wednesday – Pulpit Pimps, Posers and False Prophets
    Identifying Modern Day Wolves 

17th Annual Bible Conference
Guest Speaker: Pastor Mark Webb

In this Series, Pastor Webb uses 1 John to describe Walking In The Light.
The sermons that are in this series are:

  • Walking In Light
  • Walking In Holiness
  • Walking in Love
  • Walking in Truth
  • Walking In God's Testimony

15th Annual Bible Conference
Guest Speaker: Dr. James Grier

In this Series, Dr Grier discusses Building a Christian worldview for life.