In this Sunday morning series, Pastor Tim Pasma takes us through the book of Revelation.

Sermon title Service Date mp3
How Should We (Can We) Read This Book? February 14, 2010 Audio icon How_Should_We_Read_This_Book_0.mp3
The Revelation Of Jesus Christ Is For You! February 21, 2010 Audio icon The_Revelation_Of_Jesus_Christ_0.mp3
Hope Helps March 14, 2010 Audio icon Hope_Helps_0.mp3
Among The Lampstands Pt1 March 21, 2010 Audio icon Among_The_Lampstands_0.mp3
Among The Lampstands Pt2 March 28, 2010 Audio icon Among_The_Lampstands_Pt2_0.mp3
The Future Is Now April 11, 2010 Audio icon The Future Is Now_0.mp3
Strong Yet Week April 18, 2010 Audio icon Strong_Yet_Week_0.mp3
Faithful To The End May 16, 2010 Audio icon Faithful_To_The_End_0.mp3
Perseverance & Permissiveness June 13, 2010 Audio icon Perseverance_&_Permissiveness_0.mp3
Intolerant Love June 27, 2010 Audio icon Intolerant Love_0.mp3
Bad News! You Have A Great Reputation! July 25, 2010 Audio icon Bad_News_You_Have_A_Great_Reputation_0.mp3
The Power Of Perseverance August 8, 2010 Audio icon The_Power_Of_Perseverance_0.mp3
Blessed Or Seduced August 22, 2010 Audio icon Blessed_Or_Seduced_0.mp3
Recall The Revelation Of Jesus September 19, 2010 Audio icon Recall The Revelation Of Jesus_0.mp3
Before The Throne Of God September 26, 2010 Audio icon Before_The_The_Throne_Of_God_0.mp3
The Slaughtered Lamb Who Conquered October 3, 2010 Audio icon The_Slaughtered_Lamb_Who_Conquered_0.mp3
Gaining The Lamb's Perspective October 24, 2010 Audio icon LBC10242010AM_0.mp3
Celebrating The Victory January 23, 2011 Audio icon LBC01232011AM_0.mp3
The Calm Before The Storm January 30, 2011 Audio icon LBC01302011AM_0.mp3
The Glory Of God's Great Redemption February 6, 2011 Audio icon LBC02062011AM_0.mp3
Trumpet Call Of Judgement, Trumpet Call Of Victory February 13, 2011 Audio icon LBC02132011AM_0.mp3
The Tormenting Plague Of Hopelessness March 13, 2011 Audio icon LBC03132011AM_0.mp3
Hoards of Horses March 20, 2011 Audio icon LBC03202011AM_0.mp3
Eat The Book! March 27, 2011 Audio icon LBC03272011AM_0.mp3
Invincible Yet Vulnerable May 22, 2011 Audio icon Invincible Yet Vulnerable_0.mp3
Tsunamis, Tragedies & Tornadoes May 29, 2011 Audio icon Tsunamis Tragedies & Tornadoes_0.mp3
Power & Defeat, Humiliation & Triumph July 10, 2011 Audio icon Power_And_Defeat_Humiliation_And_Triumph_0.mp3
The Greatest Thanksgiving Celebration Ever July 17, 2011 Audio icon The_Greatest_Thanksgiving_Celebration_Ever_0.mp3
The Lady And The Dragon October 9, 2011 Audio icon The_Lady_And_The_Dragon_0.mp3
Dragon, Angels, King & Conquerors November 20, 2011 Audio icon Dragon_Angels_King_and_Conquerors_0.mp3
It's The Beast! November 27, 2011 Audio icon Its_The_Beast_0.mp3
The Beast Who Serves The Beast December 4, 2011 Audio icon The_Beast_Who_Serves_The_Beast_0.mp3
The Mark Of The Lamb, Mark Of Victory December 11, 2011 Audio icon The_Mark_Of_The_Lamb_The_Mark_Of_Victory_0.mp3
Heralds Of Judgement January 8, 2012 Audio icon Heralds_Of_Judgement_0.mp3
Grim Reapers January 29, 2012 Audio icon Grim_Reapers_0.mp3
Oh, Listen To The Music February 5, 2012 Audio icon Oh_Listen_To_The_Music_0.mp3
The Color Of Anger February 12, 2012 Audio icon The_Color_Of_Anger_0.mp3
Pour Them Out! February 26, 2012 Audio icon Pour_Them_Out_0.mp3
Armageddon! March 18, 2012 Audio icon Armageddon_0.mp3
Hope When God Arrives March 25, 2012 Audio icon Hope_When_God_Arrives_0.mp3