Who Is A God Like You
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Have you marveled at the greatness of God?  He measures the oceans in the palm of his hand and considers the nations no more than dust on the scales.  He spreads out the heavens like you would spread out a tablecloth and he brings down rulers and nations with nothing more than the "puff" of his breath.  Like Moses, we are astounded as he piles up the water of a great sea so his people can pass on dry ground and then in another instant, collapse that water on a pursuing army, destroying it in a moment.  But then we hear the voice of the prophet Micah ask, "Who is a God like you?" as he looks at God in his mercy.  Has the mercy of God ever awed you?  Listen as this prophet takes you to the edge of an ocean of God's vast mercy and compassion in the sermon, Who is a God Like You?

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