Pastor Tim Pasma begins an expository study of Genesis in this series beginning April 27th. Listen and hear what this ancient book has to say to us in the 21st century. Although written centuries ago, it is God's Word, useful for teaching, convicting, correcting and training in righteousness. Join us on the journey.

Sermon title Service Date mp3
Protection & Prosperity April 3, 2016 Audio icon Protection_And_Prosperity.mp3
He's A Contender May 15, 2016 Audio icon He_Is_A_Contender.mp3
Faith Faces The "Enemy" May 22, 2016 Audio icon Faith_Faces_The_Enemy.mp3
Compromise, Consequence, & Commitment June 5, 2016 Audio icon Compromise_Consequence_and_Commitment.mp3
Grace & Faithfulness June 12, 2016 Audio icon Grace_And_Faithfulness.mp3
Brothers! June 26, 2016 Audio icon Brothers.mp3
God's Goodness-Enough To Go Around July 10, 2016 Audio icon Gods_Goodness-Enough_To_Go_Around.mp3
A Cast Of Characters August 7, 2016 Audio icon A_Cast_Of_Characters.mp3
Coincidence? I Think Not! August 14, 2016 Audio icon Coincidence_I_Think_Not.mp3
Opening Blind Eyes August 21, 2016 Audio icon Opening_Blind_Eyes.mp3
God, Where Are You? September 11, 2016 Audio icon God_Where_Are_You.mp3
Hope Dashed October 2, 2016 Audio icon Hope_Dashed.mp3
Faithfulness And Sovereignty October 9, 2016 Audio icon Faithfulness_And_Sovereignty.mp3
Severe Mercies October 23, 2016 Audio icon Severe_Mercies.mp3
Tender Mercies November 20, 2016 Audio icon Tender_Mercies.mp3
Roconciliation Or Retaliation? November 27, 2016 Audio icon Roconciliation_Or_Retaliation.mp3
He Doesn't Work Like You Figured January 8, 2017 Audio icon He_Doesnt_Work_Like_You_Figured.mp3
Settling In January 15, 2017 Audio icon Settling_In.mp3
Politics & Promise February 5, 2017 Audio icon Politics_And_Promise.mp3
The Faith Of A Dying Man February 12, 2017 Audio icon The_Faith_Of_A_Dying_Man.mp3
Mixxed Blessings March 5, 2017 Audio icon Mixed_Blessings.mp3
Sure And Certain March 12, 2017 Audio icon Sure_And_Certain.mp3
Unparalleled Rule March 19, 2017 Audio icon Unparalleled_Rule.mp3
Believing The God Of The Promises April 23, 2017 Audio icon Believing_The_God_Of_The_Promises.mp3
Is Revenge Really Sweet? April 30, 2017 Audio icon Is_Revenge_Really_Sweet.mp3
Living in an Unfinished Story May 21, 2017 Audio icon Life_Is_An_Unfinished_Story.mp3