Pastor Tim Pasma begins an expository study of Genesis in this series beginning April 27th. Listen and hear what this ancient book has to say to us in the 21st century. Although written centuries ago, it is God's Word, useful for teaching, convicting, correcting and training in righteousness. Join us on the journey.

Sermon title Service Date mp3
The Beginning Of Beginnings May 4, 2014 Audio icon The_Beginning_Of_Beginnings.mp3
Understanding Everything! May 11, 2014 Audio icon Understanding_Everything.mp3
The Way We Were: Provision & Purpose for Paradise May 18, 2014 Audio icon The_Way_We_Were.mp3
Partners In Paradise May 25, 2014 Audio icon Partners_In_Paradise.mp3
Conflict, Pain And Death June 8, 2014 Audio icon Conflict_Pain_And_Death.mp3
Deep And Wide June 15, 2014 Audio icon Deep_And_Wide.mp3
A Promised Deliverer June 22, 2014 Audio icon A_Promised_Deliverer.mp3
A Watery Judgement June 29, 2014 Audio icon A_Watery_Judgement.mp3
But God Remembered July 13, 2014 Audio icon Dry_Ground.mp3
Starting Over July 27, 2014 Audio icon Starting_Over.mp3
A Blessing And A Curse August 3, 2014 Audio icon A_Blessing_And_A_Curse.mp3
Many Nations Under God August 28, 2014 Audio icon Many_Nations_Under_God.mp3
Babbling, Bumbling, Bunglers September 7, 2014 Audio icon Babbling_Bumbling_Bunglers.mp3
God Preserves & Prepares September 14, 2014 Audio icon God_Preserves_and_Prepares.mp3
The Man Of Faith October 5, 2014 Audio icon The_Man_Of_Faith.mp3
Failure And Faithfulness October 26, 2014 Audio icon Failure_and_Faithfulness.mp3
Faith And Choices November 9, 2014 Audio icon Faith_And_Choices.mp3
Faith Or Fame And Power January 11, 2015 Audio icon Faith_Or_Fame_And_Power.mp3
It's Official! January 18, 2015 Audio icon Its_Official.mp3
Faith Falters (Again?) January 25, 2015 Audio icon Faith_Falters_Again.mp3
The Covenant (Again?) February 8, 2015 Audio icon The_Covenant_Again.mp3
The Friend Of God March 22, 2015 Audio icon The_Friend_Of_God.mp3
Can't Take The City Out Of The Man? April 19, 2015 Audio icon Cant_Take_The_City_Out_Of_The_Man.mp3
The Promise In Peril April 26, 2015 Audio icon The_Promise_In_Peril.mp3
Conflict Of The Seeds May 24, 2015 Audio icon Conflict_Of_The_Seeds.mp3
The Everlasting God Is With You May 31, 2015 Audio icon The_Everlasting_God_Is_With_You.mp3
The Ultimate Test June 28, 2015 Audio icon The_Ultimate_Test.mp3
A Faith Intact? July 19, 2015 Audio icon A_Faith_Intact.mp3
Promise & Providence July 26, 2015 Audio icon Promise_And_Providence.mp3
Faith, Death, Heirs & Faithfulness August 30, 2015 Audio icon Faith_Death_Heirs_And_Faithfulness.mp3
Ruling Grace, Relentless Grace September 20, 2015 Audio icon Ruling_Grace_Relentless_Grace.mp3
Christians In A Hostile World September 27, 2015 Audio icon Christians_In_A_Hostile_World.mp3
Despised! October 18, 2015 Audio icon Despised.mp3
Faithfulness & Faith January 3, 2016 Audio icon Faithfulness_And_Faith.mp3
Patriarch II:Son Of Abraham January 10, 2016 Audio icon Patriarch_II_Son_Of_Abraham.mp3
Grace Through Dysfunction January 17, 2016 Audio icon Grace_Through_Dysfunction.mp3
A Stone For A Pillow January 24, 2016 Audio icon A_Stone_For_A_Pillow.mp3
Providence In Blessing & Discipline January 31, 2016 Audio icon Providence_In_Blessing_And_Discipline.mp3
Battling With Babies February 14, 2016 Audio icon Battling_With_Babies.mp3
Grace Intervenes March 14, 2016 Audio icon Grace_Intervenes.mp3