Sermon Title mp3 Service Date
The Color Of Anger Audio icon The_Color_Of_Anger_0.mp3 02/12/2012

Revelation 15.1, 5-8(ESV)

Gospel Goals For Our Children Audio icon Gospel_Goals_For_Our_Children_0.mp3 02/05/2012

Part 3 of the family series: Gospel Parenting In a Godless Age

Oh, Listen To The Music Audio icon Oh_Listen_To_The_Music_0.mp3 02/05/2012

Revelation 15.2-4(ESV)

A Gospel Understanding Of Our Children Audio icon A_Gospel_Understanding_Of_Our_Children_0.mp3 01/29/2012

A continuation of the family series: Gospel Parenting In a Godless Age

Gospel Parenting In A Godless Age Audio icon Gospel_Parenting_In_A_Godless_Age_0.mp3 01/29/2012

Introduction to the series.

***Note: Due to technical difficulties, the sound quality for this lesson is poor.

Grim Reapers Audio icon Grim_Reapers_0.mp3 01/29/2012

Revelation 14.14-20(ESV)

Will I Be Found Faithful? Audio icon Will_I_Be_Found_Faithful_0.mp3 01/22/2012

Malachi 4 (NKJV)

Mercy Matters Audio icon Mercy_Matters_0.mp3 01/15/2012

Romans 12.1-2(ESV)

Heralds Of Judgement Audio icon Heralds_Of_Judgement_0.mp3 01/08/2012

Revelation 14.6-13(ESV)

What Will Be Valuable To You This Year? Audio icon What_Will_Be_Valuable_To_You_This_Year_0.mp3 01/01/2012

Jeremiah 9.23-24(ESV)

A Perfect Christmas: Just The Right Gift Audio icon A_Perfect_Christmas_Just_The_Right_Gifts_0.mp3 12/25/2011

Choir Cantata: Now Has Come Salvation

Scripture Galatians 4.5-6

A Perfect Christmas: Just The Right Way Audio icon A_Perfect_Christmas_Just_The_Right_Way_0.mp3 12/18/2011

Galatians 4:4(ESV)

4But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law,...

The Mark Of The Lamb, Mark Of Victory Audio icon The_Mark_Of_The_Lamb_The_Mark_Of_Victory_0.mp3 12/11/2011

Revelation 14:1-6(ESV)

The Beast Who Serves The Beast Audio icon The_Beast_Who_Serves_The_Beast_0.mp3 12/04/2011

Revelation 13.11-18(ESV)

It's The Beast! Audio icon Its_The_Beast_0.mp3 11/27/2011

Revelation 13.1-10

Dragon, Angels, King & Conquerors Audio icon Dragon_Angels_King_and_Conquerors_0.mp3 11/20/2011

Revelation 12.7-17(ESV)
Satan Thrown Down to Earth

The Obligation Of Happiness Audio icon The_Obligation_Of_Happiness_0.mp3 11/13/2011

Deuteronomy 28:47-48(ESV)

Entering The Community Of The Cross Audio icon Entering_The_Community_Of_The_Cross_0.mp3 10/23/2011

John 12:20-36 (ESV)

Is God Fair? Audio icon Is_God_Fair_0.mp3 10/16/2011

Elder Larry Hause
Ezekiel 18

The Lady And The Dragon Audio icon The_Lady_And_The_Dragon_0.mp3 10/09/2011

1And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

Celebrating The Lord's Table Audio icon Celebrating_The_Lords_Table_0.mp3 10/02/2011

Various Scriptures

To Be Salt and Light & To Glorify our Father Audio icon To_Be_Salt_And_Light_0.mp3 09/18/2011

Matthew 5.13-16

To Stop Evading the Truth & To Cherish the Truth Audio icon To_Stop_Evading_The_Truth_0.mp3 09/11/2011

Matthew 5.33-37

To Love Your God & To Love Your Neighbor Audio icon To_Love_Your_God_0.mp3 09/04/2011

Matthew 22.34-40 (ESV)

To Find Rest & To Take His Yoke Audio icon To_Find_Rest_0.mp3 08/28/2011

Matthew 11.25-30

To Love Your Enemies & Be Sons of Your Heavenly Father Audio icon To_Love_Your_Enemies_0.mp3 08/21/2011

Matthew 5. 43-48

If Anyone Would Come After Me Audio icon If_anyone_would_come_after_me_0_0.mp3 08/14/2011

Elder Josh Hause

Matthew 16:24-28(ESV)

To Refrain From Anger & Pursue Reconciliation Audio icon To_Refrain_From_Anger_0.mp3 08/07/2011

Matthew 5:22-26(ESV)

To Guard Against Greed & To Be Rich Toward God Audio icon To_Guard_Against_Greed_0.mp3 07/31/2011

Luke 12:13-21(ESV)

To Make and Be Disciples of Jesus Audio icon To_Make_and_Be_Disciples_of_Jesus_0.mp3 07/24/2011

Matthew 28:18-20(ESV)

The Greatest Thanksgiving Celebration Ever Audio icon The_Greatest_Thanksgiving_Celebration_Ever_0.mp3 07/17/2011

Revelation 11:15-19(ESV)

Power & Defeat, Humiliation & Triumph Audio icon Power_And_Defeat_Humiliation_And_Triumph_0.mp3 07/10/2011

Revelation 11.3-14

3And I will grant authority to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth."

The Mystery Of Marriage Audio icon The_Mystery_Of_Marriage_0.mp3 07/03/2011

Elder Josh Hause

Ephesians 5.22-33

Whom Shall We Fear? Audio icon Whom_Shall_We_Fear_0.mp3 06/26/2011

Psalm 27

1 The LORD is my light and my salvation;
whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life;
of whom shall I be afraid?

Don't Lose The Children Audio icon Dont_Lose_The_Children_0.mp3 06/19/2011

Father's Day Message
Judges 2.6-15

Celebration Of The Lord's Table Audio icon Celebration Of The Lords Table_0.mp3 06/05/2011

1. Who Is Worthy To come?
2. What Has God Done So That We Can Be Here?
3. What Must We Do?

Tsunamis, Tragedies & Tornadoes Audio icon Tsunamis Tragedies & Tornadoes_0.mp3 05/29/2011

Various scripture references in Revelation.

Invincible Yet Vulnerable Audio icon Invincible Yet Vulnerable_0.mp3 05/22/2011

Revelation 11.1-3

The Event That Changes Everything! Audio icon LBC04242011AM_0.mp3 04/24/2011

by Pastor Tim Pasma

Where’s the Passion Audio icon LBC04172011AM_0.mp3 04/17/2011

Elder Larry Hause
Isaiah 49