Sermon Title mp3 Service Date
Optional Ministry Is Not An Option Audio icon Optional_Ministry_Is_Not_An_Option_0.mp3 10/07/2012

Romans 12:1-8(ESV)

Stewards Of God's Grace Audio icon Stewards_Of_Gods_Grace_0.mp3 09/30/2012

1 Peter 4.10-11(ESV)

Gifts That Grow Audio icon Gifts_That_Grow_0.mp3 09/23/2012

1 Corinthians 14.1-26(ESV)

Are You A Spleen? Audio icon Are_You_A_Spleen_0.mp3 09/16/2012

1 Corinthians 12.12-31(ESV)

Soverign Variety Audio icon Soverign_Variety_0.mp3 09/09/2012

1 Corinthians 12.1-1(ESV)
Spiritual Gifts

Chosen! Audio icon Chosen_0.mp3 09/02/2012

Matthew 22.1-14(ESV)
The Parable of the Wedding Feast

Doers! Audio icon Doers_0.mp3 08/19/2012

Matthew 21.28-32(ESV)

Reason To Pray Audio icon Reason_To_Pray_0.mp3 08/12/2012

Matthew 9.35-38(ESV)

No Mere Martyr Audio icon No_Mere_Martyr_0.mp3 08/05/2012

Heb. 13.11-14(ESV)

The Last Battle Audio icon The_Last_Battle_0.mp3 07/29/2012

Revelation 19:17-21(ESV)

Living In The Light Of Vengeance Audio icon Living_In_The_light_Of_Vengeance_0.mp3 07/22/2012

Revelation 19:11-21(ESV)
The Rider on a White Horse

Celebrate Good Times, C'mon! Audio icon Celebrate_Good_Times_0.mp3 07/15/2012

Revelation 19.1-10(ESV)
Rejoicing in Heaven

19 After this I heard what seemed to be the loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, crying out,

Freedom is good for...What? Audio icon Freedom_Is_Good_For_What_0.mp3 07/08/2012

Galatians 5.13-15(ESV)

The Party After The Funeral Audio icon The_Party_After_The_Funeral_0.mp3 06/17/2012

Revelation 18.20-24

20 Rejoice over her, O heaven,
and you saints and apostles and prophets,
for God has given judgment for you against her!”

Front Row Seats At A Funeral Audio icon Front_Row_Seats_At_A_Funeral_0.mp3 06/10/2012

Revelation 18.9-19(ESV)

Get Out Of The City! Audio icon Get_Out_Of_The_City_0.mp3 06/03/2012

Revelation 18.1-8(ESV)

The Spirit Has Come, So Live Differently Audio icon The_Spirit_Has_Come_So_Live_Differently_0.mp3 05/27/2012

Galatians 5.23b-26
...against such things there is no law. 24 And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

Death At The Hands Of Her Lovers Audio icon Death_At_The_Hands_Of_Her_Lovers_0.mp3 05/20/2012

Revelation 17.15-17(ESV)

Gospel Inspired Teaching Audio icon Gospel_Inspired_Teaching_0.mp3 05/20/2012

Part 10 of the family series: Gospel Parenting In a Godless Age

I Am Called To... Audio icon I_Am_Called_To_0.mp3 05/06/2012

Heb 12.12-17(ESV)

Gospel Teaching Audio icon Gospel_Teaching_0.mp3 04/29/2012

Part 9 of the family series: Gospel Parenting In a Godless Age

An Unhappy Ending For Beauty And The Beast Audio icon An_Unhappy_Ending_For_Beauty_And_The_Beast_0.mp3 04/29/2012

Revelation 17.6-18(ESV)

6 And I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.

Right Thinking About You And Your Place Audio icon Right_Thinking_About_You_And_Your_Place_0.mp3 04/22/2012

Romans 12.3-8(ESV)

Gospel Powered Discipline Part 2 Audio icon Gospel_Powered_Discipline_Pt2_0.mp3 04/22/2012

Part 8 of the family series: Gospel Parenting In a Godless Age

Gospel Powered Discipline Part 1 Audio icon Gospel_Powered_Discipline_Pt1_0.mp3 04/15/2012

Part 7 of the family series: Gospel Parenting In a Godless Age

A Tale Of Two Cities Audio icon A_Tale_Of_Two_Cities_0.mp3 04/15/2012

Revelation 17:1-6(ESV)

The Great Prostitute and the Beast

Praise God For The Promised Risen King Audio icon Praise_God_For_The_Promised_Risen_King_0.mp3 04/08/2012

Easter Sunday

Acts 2:22-36(ESV)

Gospel Shepherds Part 2 Audio icon Gospel_Shepherds_Pt2_0.mp3 03/25/2012

Part 6 of the family series: Gospel Parenting In a Godless Age

Hope When God Arrives Audio icon Hope_When_God_Arrives_0.mp3 03/25/2012

Revelation 16.17-21(ESV)

Armageddon! Audio icon Armageddon_0.mp3 03/18/2012

Revelation 16.12-16(ESV)

Gospel Shepherds Audio icon Gospel_Shepherds_0.mp3 03/18/2012

Part 5 of the family series: Gospel Parenting In a Godless Age

A Special Identity Audio icon A_Special_Identity_0.mp3 03/11/2012

Various Scriptures

Gospel Agents Audio icon Gospel_Agents_0.mp3 03/11/2012

Part 4 of the family series: Gospel Parenting In a Godless Age

Pulpit Pimps, Posers, and False Prophets Audio icon Pulpit_Pimps_Posers_and_False_Prophets_0.mp3 03/07/2012

Sermon 4 of 2012 Spring Bible Conference: Standing Firm

Bewitched! Audio icon Bewitched_0.mp3 03/06/2012

Sermon 4 of 2012 Spring Bible Conference: Standing Firm

He Just Mite Get Angry Audio icon He_Just_Mite_Get_Angry_0.mp3 03/05/2012

Sermon 3 of 2012 Spring Bible Conference: Standing Firm

We Must Listen Audio icon We_Must_Listen_0.mp3 03/04/2012

Sermon 2 of 2012 Spring Bible Conference: Standing Firm

Standing Firm Audio icon Standing_Firm_0.mp3 03/04/2012

Sermon 1 of the 2012 Spring Bible Conference: Standing Firm

Pour Them Out! Audio icon Pour_Them_Out_0.mp3 02/26/2012

Revelation 16.1-11(ESV)

The Seven Bowls of God's Wrath

The Sword Of Persecution Audio icon The_Sword_Of_Persecution_0.mp3 02/19/2012

Matthew 10:5-39(ESV)

Not Peace, but a Sword