Sermon Title mp3 Service Date
The Glory Of God (Part 1) Audio icon The_Glory_Of_God_1.mp3 01/07/2015

This is part 1 of a 6 part series.

Transformed Parenting Audio icon Week 1 - Introduction Boosted.mp3 01/04/2015

This is the introductory message in the six week series on biblical parenting. Pastor Tim Pasma covers the topic of what our goals should be in our parenting efforts.

God's Permission For Your Boasting Audio icon Gods_Permission_For_Your_Boasting.mp3 01/04/2015

1 Corinthians 1:30-31(ESV)

4 Rules Of Communication Audio icon 4_Rules_Of_Communication.mp3 12/28/2014

Ephesians 4.25-32(ESV)

Jesus Came To Do... Audio icon Jesus_Came_To_Do.mp3 12/21/2014

John 6:38-40(ESV)

Jesus, the Stranger Audio icon Jesus_The_Stranger.mp3 12/14/2014

John 1.1-13(ESV)

God's Consuming Fire Audio icon Gods_Consuming_Fire.mp3 12/07/2014

Hebrews 12:18-29(ESV)

The Right Perspective Audio icon The_Right_Perspective.mp3 11/30/2014

James 1.16-18(ESV)

Don't Rob God This Season Audio icon Dont_Rob_God_This_Season.mp3 11/23/2014

Malachi 3.6-12(ESV)

The Heart Of Thanksgiving Audio icon The_Heart_Of_Thanksgiving.mp3 11/16/2014

2 Chronicles 29:10-20(ESV)

Faith And Choices Audio icon Faith_And_Choices.mp3 11/09/2014

Genesis 13:2-18(ESV)

Reformation Sunday 2014 Audio icon Reformation_Sunday.mp3 11/02/2014

How do you light the fires of revolution? What does it take? Must you amass an army and some major firepower? Does it take years of secret planning?

Failure And Faithfulness Audio icon Failure_and_Faithfulness.mp3 10/26/2014

Abraham is called a man of faith. In today's passage we see an example a time in his life where he was not living by faith. Why did God include this story of his failure?

Faith And Works Audio icon Faith_And_Works.mp3 10/12/2014

Titus was on Crete in order to appoint elders and teach Christians how to adorn the gospel by their good works.

The Man Of Faith Audio icon The_Man_Of_Faith.mp3 10/05/2014

Genesis 12.1-9(ESV)

Irritating God Audio icon Irritating_God.mp3 09/28/2014

Do you know what it takes to irritate God? What really annoys the Almighty? What can you do or say that makes God angry?

Priority 1 Audio icon Priority_1.mp3 09/21/2014

What is priority #1 in your life? Solomon, in the book of Ecclestasties, addresses this very topic. As near neared the end of his life he reflected on the things to which he had given his life.

God Preserves & Prepares Audio icon God_Preserves_and_Prepares.mp3 09/14/2014

Babel left the world in confusion. We have a world of different languages, different cultures and quite different ways of looking at the world. But is that the end of the story?

Babbling, Bumbling, Bunglers Audio icon Babbling_Bumbling_Bunglers.mp3 09/07/2014

The Tower of Babel - what images come to mind? A tower going through the clouds to heaven? An anxious God worried about earthly tower builders invading his heavenly sanctuary?

The Labor of God's People Audio icon The_Labor_Of_Gods_People.mp3 08/31/2014

The Labor of God's People. Day in and day out you get up and go to work. It's the same thing, day after day, year after year. But did you know that God is vitally interested in your work?

Many Nations Under God Audio icon Many_Nations_Under_God.mp3 08/28/2014

A genealogy! What do you do with that? Are those the boring parts of Scripture that you merely "speed read"? Maybe you just skip over them entirely.

Seek Steadfast Love! Audio icon Seek_Steadfast_Love.mp3 08/17/2014

In this two part series Pastor Josh Hause teaches from the book of Ruth. In this second part, shows from Ruth the theme of God's steadfast love and how we can pursue this steadfast love.

God Is In Control Audio icon God_Is_In_Control.mp3 08/10/2014

In this two part series Pastor Josh Hause teaches from the book of Ruth.

A Blessing And A Curse Audio icon A_Blessing_And_A_Curse.mp3 08/03/2014

You may have been tempted go somewhere new to escape the troubles you've encountered. However, the old and the new situation would have had one thing in common - you.

Starting Over Audio icon Starting_Over.mp3 07/27/2014

When we last saw Noah and his family they had just set foot on the new world and God had determined that he would never again curse the ground with universal devastation.

God Delivers His Way Audio icon God_Delivers_His_Way.mp3 07/21/2014

We take a week away from the lessons from Genesis to listen to what we trust will be a beneficial lesson from the life of Hezekiah.

But God Remembered Audio icon Dry_Ground.mp3 07/13/2014

When we last saw our heroes, they were in that ark tossed about by the fury of a catastrophic flood. What will happen to them? You already know the answer; you've known it since you were two.

One Nation Under God? Audio icon One_Nation_Under_God.mp3 07/06/2014

As Americans, the Fourth of July always produces great feelings of patriotism and pride for our nation.

A Watery Judgement Audio icon A_Watery_Judgement.mp3 06/29/2014

Rain failing and people pounding on the door of the ark, begging to get in; animals walking by pairs into the great ship; a grey-haired old man with a staff watching the parade; a ship tossing to a

A Promised Deliverer Audio icon A_Promised_Deliverer.mp3 06/22/2014

Genealogies! We just want to skip over them when we come across them in the Bible. But genealogies often tell a story if you pay careful attention to them.

Deep And Wide Audio icon Deep_And_Wide.mp3 06/15/2014

On 9/11 many of us witnessed a disaster that we will never forget. It unfolded before tens of thousands of people as they walked the streets of New York City or watched on television.

Conflict, Pain And Death Audio icon Conflict_Pain_And_Death.mp3 06/08/2014

You sat at the kitchen table yesterday morning looking at your grandchildren and wondering, "What is life going to be like for them?" In one sense you already know.

Blessed Assurance Audio icon Blessed_Assurance.mp3 06/01/2014

1 John 1.1-2.2(ESV)

Partners In Paradise Audio icon Partners_In_Paradise.mp3 05/25/2014

The "Perfect Marriage.”  We all want it, don’t we?  But how do you achieve that?  What’s the formula for the perfect marriage?  Well, one way to find out is to find a perfect marriage.  Besides han

The Way We Were: Provision & Purpose for Paradise Audio icon The_Way_We_Were.mp3 05/18/2014

The Way We Were: Provision & Purpose for Paradise. Does it ever seem to you that this world could be better?

Understanding Everything! Audio icon Understanding_Everything.mp3 05/11/2014

Why was the Creation account written for us? Why did God give us this narrative describing how the world and everything in it was created?

The Beginning Of Beginnings Audio icon The_Beginning_Of_Beginnings.mp3 05/04/2014

The Beginning of the Beginnings - Genesis gives us the categories necessary for making sense out of life today.

A Powerful, Risen King! Audio icon A_Powerful_Risen_King.mp3 04/20/2014

Easter Sunday Service

Tears Of Joy Audio icon Tears_Of_Joy.mp3 04/13/2014

Evandro shares from his experience from serving overseas for many years and encourages us with biblical truths about finishing the mission.

Psalm 126(ESV)

Developing Effective Communication Part 5 Audio icon Developing_Effective_Communication_Part_5.mp3 04/02/2014